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April product roundup

Our product monthly blogs summarise the top features that we have released. For the month of April, we released some big features including USD payments to China. We completed our beta launch for the HKD physical card and we may just share some features on our roadmap… 

You may remember last month, we told you that USD payments to China were coming soon… we have now launched this feature so let’s start there! 

USD payments to China

Sending payments to China has been one of our most requested features to add to our product by our customers. We have started with adding the ability to send USD payment to China via the Neat dashboard. 

When you make a USD payment to China, the amount you send will be the exact amount your payee receives. There will be no additional fees, only the initial fee when you send the payment. Take a look at our pricing page for updates. 

We do ask for a supporting document to verify proof of the payment which is an essential step to keep your money safe – more details can be found on our FAQ


USD payments to China


We completed our physical HKD Neat Visa card beta launch

In our product monthly last month, we mentioned that we had launched our beta programme for physical HKD cards. We have now completed our beta launch and have rolled out our physical card! 

The purpose of our beta launch was to test the logistics of card shipping. We ran into a few bumps which caused some delay in the cards being shipped, but we fixed the problem and cards were shipped to registered customers. 

One more little reminder of what you get with a Neat Visa card includes: 

  • 1% cashback on all purchases
  • Get access to exclusive discounts
  • Sync your completed card transactions with Xero 
  • Get multiple cards to manage your spend more effectively

So what else have we got to tell you… oh yes virtual card set up in the dashboard. 

Business admins can set up a virtual card on the dashboard 

We have made setting up the virtual cards even easier for our business admins. If a business admin is setting themselves up with a virtual card, they can now do the process entirely on the Neat dashboard. 

The virtual cards will be activated straight away and ready for use! That is too easy. 

Now what about a little teaser into what we have coming up… okay maybe we will just give you one insight!

Coming soon.. no theme today… 

CNY payments into China ??

We know how important it is for our customers to be able to make payments to China, so we will be rolling out CNY payments into China soon. Stay tuned for more details!

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