Neat Team August 20, 2021 9:09 am

August product roundup

Our product monthly blogs summarise the top features that we have released. For the month of August, we released payments to more countries, allowing users to remit in their own name and updates to the monthly card limit!

Let’s first take a look at the additional countries you can now make payments to…

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Payments to more countries

We’re excited to announce four more countries you can send money to! 

Payments to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and New Zealand in USD can now be made from the HKD and USD balance. This allows for more support to customers who need to pay suppliers in Asia!


Users can now send payments in their own name.

We have now updated our system to allow our users to remit SWIFT and CHATS payments in their own name! This will allow our customers to pay their supplier seamlessly with their business name now appearing in the transaction details.

Monthly Card Limit

Using your  Neat Visa card will now become much more streamlined – you won’t have to set funds aside to use. We have removed the monthly spending limit and replaced it with a monthly card limit.

What does this mean? 

You will still be able to set up a monthly card limit for each card but instead of the funds being set aside from your wallet, card repayments will be settled automatically from the funds in your Neat wallet. The new limit will not have any direct impact on the wallet balance and function only as another control users have on how much they can spend on their card. 

Funds will be drawn from the wallet directly for each transaction from now on and customers will see both normal transfers and card transactions in their HKD/USD wallet.

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