We’ve Closed an 11M USD Series A!

Neat Team

We’re thrilled to announce today that we’ve officially secured our Series A funding round of 11M USD! Here's what's in store.

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FAQs about Hong Kong Tax for SMEs

A company registered in Hong Kong has only one tax to pay — the profits tax. That’s true for any company that operates and makes profits in Hong Kong. In this short article, we’ll look at what the profits tax is, the tax rates and the ways to reduce your tax bill. 

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Little Red Book, The Social Media Platform for Cosmetics Brands in China

Little Red Book is the “Instagram” of China. The social media platform is based on picture sharing and mainly used by Chinese girls. Get tips, trends and an analysis of Little Red Book and the Chinese Cosmetics Market. 

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5 Simple Tips to Reduce Costs When Importing From China

For a business that imports products from overseas, shipping costs can add up quickly. Read this article by our friends at Sino Shipping who shared some top tips on minimising your costs when importing from China. 


FortNynja: Building a Cybersecurity Company in a Time of Uncertainty

Read our interview with entrepreneurs Jenna Huey Ching and Fang-ming who co-founded FortNynja, a technology company that supports businesses with their cybersecurity programs.

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Cross-Border E-Commerce Strategies: A Seller’s Guide for B2B Marketplaces

For wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers to maintain a strong multichannel strategy in today’s landscape, participating in a B2B marketplace is a must. Here’s what you should know to successfully prepare your brand for marketplace success!