Budget-friendly advertising ideas
Pedro Pinto January 13, 2022 9:00 am

5 Budget-Friendly Advertising Tactics that You Shouldn’t Miss

How can you compete with the big brands with a limited advertising budget? 

In this article, we’ll explore some innovative and low-cost ways to advertise your brand that won’t push you into the red.


1. Advertise Away From the Big Sites

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are great ways to drive traffic to your sites, but there are even cheaper and more personalised areas online that can also bring in those sweet clicks.

Sites like Reddit and Quora are nothing but user-generated content, often very specialised. Many of these channels are cheaper to advertise on than Facebook. You can also choose to advertise on specific forum to precision-target potential consumers.

There are forums for every subject online, and these can also be a great place to advertise. In fact, you might not even need to buy an ad; you can simply just post about your product! Blend in your businesses to become part of the community. In this way, not only are you paying less to advertise directly to your chosen consumers, but you’ll also have less competition from bigger brands.


2. Buying Blogs and Influencers

Being seen as part of a community is a wonderfully effective way to grow your brand awareness and foster sales, and another way of doing this is by guest blogging.

Simply put, guest blogging is writing a blog post for another website. Research the top blogs in your brand’s field, and start making preparations. Your ultimate goal is to promote yourself and your business, so make sure you have something interesting to talk about!

Similarly, influencers are a great way to promote your product. Fitness influencers, health influencers, gaming influencers, you name it. They’re trusted names, and if they promote your product, you’re going to see a sales boost.

If there are any influencers in your brand’s market, research them and reach them out. Most do paid advertisements, but if your product is especially good they might even feature you for free! Millions of people watch influencers’ content daily, so cultivating those relationships can lead to free updates and continual engagement.


3. Create a Buzz with a Competition

Everyone loves a good competition. Whether it’s the thrill of competing against others or the possibility of winning something for free, competitions are an incredibly effective way of drumming up your business without spending too much.

Contests not only generate customer engagement through comments, likes and retweets; they also provide you with email addresses and social media accounts for further marketing efforts and promote brand awareness through user-generated content. Free advertising!

There’s a nearly infinite variety of competitions and giveaways to suit your budget and brand. Something as simple as signing up for your newsletter in return for a voucher, or a roulette-style wheel with the chance of winning a prize.

Just remember to make your competition a natural extension of your brand. If you’re quirky, be quirky with a goofy photo contest! If you’re professional, you’re better off sticking to an artistic or powerful photo contest. Also, try to integrate the prize with your brand. Give away a year of your service instead of a free Kindle. Familiarise yourself with contest rules and get creative.


4. Don’t Forget Email

After all the excitement of contests and influencers, email might feel redundant. They’re not! After all, emails are free and a great way of keeping customers informed.

We’ve talked about getting people to sign up with contests and coupons, so when they have it’s time to get creative with your emails. Instead of simply updating consumers on your latest product, have some fun by including interesting stories or funny images (bonus points if they’re strongly tied to your brand!).

Can you use local news stories, or attend a local event? Maybe there’s something you want to get off your chest, like a charitable cause or something that’s happening in your industry. Why not include a hidden offer in each email that motivates people to read through the whole thing? Remember, each email is a way to solidify your brand and make long-lasting connections, so get creative!


5. Put Your Advertising Rewards in Neat’s Hands

After applying these tips and reaping the sales, you’ll want an easy way to manage incoming payments. At Neat, we make it fast and easy to accept payments in multiple currencies. Create currency wallets with a single click and receive USD, GBP, EUR, and HKD payments. You can also make payments to over 35 countries with low rates.

Managing your entire cash flow from a single dashboard will save you time, money, and headaches, so streamline your business with Neat! Learn more here.


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