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Neat Rolls Out New Virtual Cards for Global Online Spending

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched virtual Neat Cards for our business customers! 

Since the beginning, every Neat Business customer can get a Neat Card, which is a physical prepaid Mastercard that can be used for business spending. After signing up for it in the app, cards are typically sent within a week or two.

Now, for entrepreneurs who appreciate the digital experience, we’re thrilled to launch virtual Neat Cards! 

You can now get a physical, virtual or both types of cards for your business.

What is a virtual Neat Card and what makes it different? 

Physical cards can be used at terminals and online. For example, when you’re purchasing office supplies at a store, or treating a client at dinner. Virtual cards, however, are used exclusively for online purchases. This would include, for example, your Shopify monthly payments or web-based orders from your supplier. 

When making purchases or subscribing to services online, you can input the virtual Neat Card’s number, expiry date and CVV code as you would with the physical card. 

The difference is that there is no physical card that can be inserted in a card terminal at a physical store, or in an ATM for cash withdrawal. Instead of your wallet, the virtual card lives in the Neat Business App.

Both Neat’s physical and virtual corporate cards are linked to an app, where you can always see your card balance and transaction records. More importantly, you always have the ability to lock and unlock your card directly from your phone, so you control when and how it can be used.

The virtual card is perfect for companies that run online businesses and whose purchases are mainly online. 

Who should get a Neat virtual card?

  • When the vast majority of your business expenses are online, as opposed to in person at a store
  • You have enough cards in your wallet and don’t need to add another
  • You want to get your card right away, and don’t want to wait for shipping times

How do I get a virtual Neat Card? 

Just like with our original physical Neat Cards, you can apply for a new card straight in your Business dashboard. You’ll get a sign-up code through the Neat Business App, and complete your sign-up right there, in the palm of your hand. Once you’re approved, the virtual card instantly appears in your app and is ready to use!  

If you’re already a Neat customer and don’t already have a Neat Card, click here to sign into your account now

If you don’t have a Neat Business Account yet, click here to sign-up today! The application only takes 15 minutes. 

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