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Highlights from the #NeatCommunity Meetup: Travel & Digital Nomads

Last Thursday, we were happy to bring you our third #NeatCommunity meetup, this time highlighting the trendy world of Digital Nomadism and Travel Tech. We were thrilled by the great turnout, and want to say a big thank you to all of you who continually support our meetups and make them such a pleasure to host!

What is the #NeatCommunity Meetup series?

As entrepreneurs our businesses are always in motion: starting from an idea, to making a first sale, to expanding globally. Neat believes in making international business a reality for entrepreneurs around the world, by providing a modern alternative to a bank, designed to support you wherever you go. We put on events like these to connect like-minded people, many of whom are members of Neat's Network of entrepreneurs, so you can come to be inspired and inspire others.  

Each of these events highlight a specific industry, featuring exciting brands and the entrepreneurs behind them, as they take us through their industry insights and share a bit about their entrepreneurial journeys.

A huge thank you to our awesome speakers and exhibitors TripGuru, HeyTravelista, Deluxe Life, iDiscover App, Remo, and Taksu Digital for helping us make the event such a successful one.  We’d also like to extend our gratitude to our amazing event partners WeWork, InvestHK, Startmeup HK, Betatron, WHub and Jax Coco for showing their support and helping build our wonderful community.

Our favourite moments from our 3rd #NeatCommunity Meetup

Neat Co-founder and CEO David Rosa welcoming the audience and sharing about our newly released multi-currency accounts!

Our new Chief Customer Officer Kenny Li sharing about his vision for Neat’s growth in China, as well as announcing our new office in Shenzhen!

Pre-event networking time! A big thank you to WeWork for sponsoring their spacious Causeway Bay venue for this event.

WeWork is the platform for creators. With a global network of 280+ locations across 77 cities, WeWork provides a beautiful workspace, an inspiring community, and business services to thousands of members worldwide.

Ho Yin Cheung, Founder & CEO of Remo speaking during the pitching section of our evening. Here, he talks about the importance of communication when teams are working remotely, and how Remo aims to solve that problem.

Remo is a video-first virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams that fosters real-time collaboration and strengthens company culture. They believe in the advent of remote working, and their vision is to make that experience accessible and as human for everyone, so everyone can participate in the digital economy

The Hey Travelista team posing by their booth, where ALL guests were able to sign up and receive HK$500 off their next trip with them!  

Hey Travelista is a global travel platform designed to inspire people to travel, which offers its registered members access to luxury 5-star hotel stays, with value added inclusions at 30-70% off the hotel’s best available rate.

The TripGuru team proudly manning their booth! Guests who stopped by their booth all left with new ideas for their next vacation.

TripGuru works with local tour operators to create unique group experiences operated under TripGuru's brand standards: small groups, itineraries crafted by travel bloggers, shared with like-minded people. Their mission is to connect travelers with each other and to destinations through technology.

Following the pitches, we hosted a fireside chat on how to manage a location independent entrepreneur lifestyle. We had Ho Yin Cheung, a serial entrepreneur with 7+ years experience in building remote teams, Ester van Steekelenburg, the brains behind i-Discover App&Map, and Lloyd Cooke, Co-founder of Taksu Digital, who is regularly travelling between his offices in Hong Kong, Bali, and the UK.

They shared about how maintaining proper communication can be a unique challenge when it comes with remote working, and the importance of leaning on tools like Slack, Viber, Whatsapp, and (for Ho Yin’s team) Remo to organise your communication and stay on the same page as a team. The panel was moderated by Neat’s own Elizabeth Ching, who (in addition to content and PR!) has a background in travel tech.

Our Co-founder and CEO David posing with the lucky winner of HK$500 in Neat cash credits!

Who says partners can’t try their luck? WeWork’s Marketing Lead Yvonne posing with iDiscover Co-founder Ester after winning a signature iDiscover map.

i-Discover App&Map was founded in 2014 as a community based travel map made to document the spirit of a place from a local’s point of view. Not just the buildings, but the people, stories, and collective memory. Now, five years later, iDiscover is an independently registered NGO that together with over 60 partners has mapped more than 40 neighbourhoods throughout Asia.

De Luxe Life’s Shivani Dukhande during the pitching segment, sharing about the benefits of tailoring a trip to your own preferences and travel needs, and how De Luxe Life handles that all for you!

De Luxe Life is a luxury travel management company, tailor-making your every trip based on your personal preferences and travel needs. Advisors are highly trained professionals who are passionate about travel and pay close attention to detail, thus ensuring that your trip is a one-of-a-kind, luxurious travel experience whether its for business or pleasure!

Our panel moderator Elizabeth posing with the lucky winner of a Tespack solar powered charger.

Tespack designs and develops unique solar backpacks and solar powered chargers that power mobiles/smartphones and laptop/macbook or any other portable devices anytime, anywhere, and use it on the go.

Post-event networking time! The venue was bustling with people busy mingling and visiting the different booths. This was also a great opportunity for people to come talk to the creators and meet the Neat team in person! All with a side of pizza, Jax Coco, and beer.

See you at the next #NeatCommunity Meetup!

Would this even be an event recap without a Neat team photo? As always, a big big thank you to all who showed up and enjoyed our #NeatCommunity meetup, see you at the next one!

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