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Neat Team August 12, 2021 10:41 am

CardUp – Neat Partnership

Neat Users now get an exclusive 0% processing fee on their first payment up to HK$100,000 using CardUp!

We are aware that a lot of our customers are e-commerce traders, with businesses that rely heavily on healthy cash flow. 

At Neat, we’re always looking for better ways to provide value to our customers, and we understand how essential cash flow management is for businesses for all sizes. 

So today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re teaming up with CardUp, a no-code digital payment platform helping businesses to improve their cash flow, save time and automate their finance processes.

Thanks to this partnership, our customers get an exclusive 0% processing fee** on their first payment up to HK$100,000 using CardUp. 

What is CardUp ?

CardUp is on a mission to provide individuals and businesses with a better way to pay and get paid. Their payment platform simplifies the lives of business owners, bringing both payments and collections into one easy-to-use digital platform

Through CardUp, businesses can now put large expenses such as rent and payroll onto their credit cards. This helps businesses to access this credit card line, deferring their payment for up to 2 months, interest-free. View the full list of payments you can now be shifting from cash, cheque or bank transfers onto your credit cards with CardUp here.

In addition, they also digitise their monthly payables and earn card rewards where they previously couldn’t. Besides, CardUp equips businesses with the tools needed to automate payment processing, helping them save time whilst staying in control of their finances.

Neat Users Now Get an exclusive 0% processing fee on their first payment up to HK$100,000 using CardUp

CardUp charges a processing fee to enable card payments where previously not possible.

Today, if you sign up for a CardUp account and for your business expenses, you’ll get to make your first payment for free (u.p. 2.6%). It is easy to redeem: 

  1. Sign up for a free CardUp Business account 
  2. Use your Neat card on CardUp with promo code NEATFREE to enjoy 0% processing fee** on your first payment up to of HK$100,000 


CardUp is the go to platform when it comes to allowing any major expense to be processed via credit card, bypassing traditional payment methods. We’re excited to partner with an innovative leader in digitisation and automation of payments, and grant our users with a fast and convenient way to improve their cash flows.” 

Pedro Pinto, Head of Growth at Neat 


We know that cash flow management can be a challenge when you’re starting your operations, so we’re very excited to provide that offer to customers like you, with an industry leader like CardUp.

Claim your offer today

Click here to go to the CardUp website and open an account!

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