Neat Team October 24, 2020 1:59 pm

Customer Stories: Dom Wells

Dom Wells was teaching English in Taiwan when he launched his first online business in 2012. As a result of that, he noticed an opportunity in the world of affiliate marketing—where blogs and websites refer their readers to products or services and receive a commission on anything purchased. Dom noticed that beginner affiliate marketers were often buying into exploitative services in order to set themselves up.

“I wanted to offer something of quality, and give the necessary training and education that goes with it. So I started to blog about affiliate marketing, and started offering services to help people get a head start. Or to people who had already started but wanted to scale.”

Dom’s website,, provides training and education to help affiliate marketers do all of the above. He also offers “done for you” services to help speed up the process—these include content marketing, search engine optimisation and website creation.

“Just like any online business, people need to learn how to make it work, and they need to learn how to keep going until they find success. Affiliate marketing can be quite crowded and if you want your website to attract visitors, you need to learn how to create good quality content on your site that will benefit your readers. You then need to learn how to get people to read it in the first place—there’s quite a lot that goes into it.”

An important aspect of HumanProofDesigns is that Dom doesn’t offer a templated, cookie-cutter service. He genuinely wants to teach people how to succeed.

“We understand that what makes a great teacher is the ability to identify where somebody is in their journey.”

At first, when Dom was registering his business in Hong Kong, he quickly discovered that small businesses have a hard time setting up commercial bank accounts. When he came across Neat, it seemed like an excellent alternative to a bank. He liked its simplicity, and the fact that the service was entirely online—just like his business.

“With Neat, the account opening process was efficient and I did not experience a lengthy and bureaucratic process. I like that Neat is also a start-up, and they’re still developing. This means that they’re always innovating and open to customer feedback.”

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