Pedro Pinto December 3, 2020 9:11 am

Customer stories: Frida Hulten Design Ltd

Frida Hulten is a designer. She decided to start Frida Hulten Design Limited to bring her designs to life. Frida was born in Sweden but moves around the world and that is where she gets her inspiration for her designs from. 

Frida first started her design work as a hobby but started getting commercial work so decided it was time to set up her own business and is inspired by Vivenne Westwood and this is not only because of her designs but also because she is brave in her approach to business! 

Having moved around a lot, Frida wanted to have a base for her company so she chose Hong Kong. Hong Kong is where Frida has the majority of her business and a place that she loves to spend time in. Plus the added benefit that taxes are low in Hong Kong.

How does Neat help Frida Hulten Design?

Frida needed to incorporate her business in Hong Kong and very quickly set up a mechanism to pay her international suppliers like ones she has in Italy which she pays with her Neat card. She came to Neat to help get her business up and running. 

Neat was able to quickly help Frida. Frida says “the registration process was quick and simple to incorporate her business in Hong Kong. Neat handled everything and was able to give me a Neat account also. Within two weeks my company was incorporated in Hong Kong and I was up and running.” 

It is because of entrepreneurs like Frida that Neat does what it does. We want to empower the entrepreneur economy and help close the gap on financial exclusion. Frida leaves us with some advice to entrepreneurs starting out “Don’t try to do everything yourself! AND, Collaboration will make your business stronger.”

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