Neat Team October 24, 2020 1:58 pm

Customer Stories: Viola Chen

SuperCharger is Asia’s leading FinTech Accelerator with programs in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Each year, SuperCharger runs two programs attracting 20 FinTech startups that aim to work with tier 1 financial institutions.

SuperCharger’s cohort includes high-potential local FinTech startups and established global FinTech companies looking to scale to Asia, who receive mentorship, business advice, network and exposure opportunities in the program. “We are a startup for startups.” Says Viola, catalyst at SuperCharger, “We started from scratch ourselves and went through a lot of the struggles that founders typically face.”

To recruit startups to participate in the program, the SuperCharger team of 10 frequently travels to different FinTech hubs around the world on its international roadshow.

“Each of our team members has one Neat Business MasterCard that we use to make company expenses.” Says Viola, who manages SuperCharger’s operations, “Because we have a lot of expenses, and a lot of our team members go on business travel, using the Neat card is really helpful; I don’t need to reimburse our staff, and we can see each of their transactions. Moreover, it’s very useful that team members can add receipts of their purchases in the Neat App. It really makes my job easier!”

The SuperCharger team originally started using Neat Business mainly for the corporate expense cards, and already had a bank account with a traditional bank. However,  the team is now considering to move all its funds and operations to Neat. “We run a global business and our founder is not always in Hong Kong.” says Viola, “But the bank is always asking us to go to the branch whenever we need something done.” She says that Neat’s online solution is more suited to support  SuperCharger’s international operations.

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