Sarah Wai July 14, 2021 11:02 am

Customer story: APACINSURTECH

We have a new Neat customer story to share with you!

APACINSURTECH is a technology ecosystem enabler bringing insurtech companies from overseas in contact with insurance companies in APAC. APACINSURTECH was started by Peter Haslebacher, an insurtech specialist and business networker. Prior to founding APACINSURTECH Ltd (Hong Kong) in 2018, Peter had management roles with SunGard (now FIS) and Shift Technology with activities in the insurance space.

APACINSURTECH Ltd. is helping to bridge the gap between technology providers from overseas countries and the insurance industry in APAC. Peter decided to start his insurtech company because young technology companies are struggling to get access to potential customers. 

These potential customers often do not know how to deal with a vendor which is not yet very established in the market and therefore has little presence in the market. Here is where APACINSURTECH bridges the gap and supports business development activities in APAC.

When Peter came to incorporate his business in Hong Kong, he needed access to financial services that were quick and pain free which is why he turned to Neat. For APACINSURTECH, Peter needed to be able to send and receive funds in HKD and GBP which he can now do using Neat. He comments “I was able to get my business off the ground quickly, with the incorporation process taking no time at all.”


 “Have a clear understanding on the value you would like to create for your potential customers and understand the strength and weakness of potential competitors.”


Peter goes on to say “Define your competitive advantage. Get the right people on board! Interact with potential customers early and walk part of the product and/or service development journey together with potential launch customers. You need to be willing to invest money and time to succeed. Sustainable quick wins are the exception not the rule.” 

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