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Neat Team September 16, 2021 9:59 am

Customer story: Impact Berry

We have a new Neat customer story to share with you!

It all started with the question: “how can we live our values?” and then directly the question followed: “Oh wait, what exactly do we mean with values?”

Founded by Timo Juritsch and Sonja Debus, Impact Berry is a coffee company in Hong Kong with a mission to find sustainable ways of empowering rural communities.

Coming from an office environment, Timo and his partner, Sonja, had the urge to drastically but sustainably change their approach to doing business. They wanted to reflect about themselves, their drivers and the way they would integrate work into their lives. During their extended travels from Europe to Timor-Leste by land and sea, away from touristic infrastructure, Timo and Sonja got in touch with various local communities and unique economies. Learning first-hand about their drivers, characteristics, their hurdles but also opportunities, they found this insight and versatile view having a huge impact on them.

Having been in the region during several severe earthquakes with infrastructure and 90% of houses destroyed in some areas, Timo and Sonja decided to volunteer in small villages where support was needed most. It was important to them that this was to happen in an impactful, efficient and sustainable way, making best use of their capacities. Being immersed in the community created a strong bond with the locals and even more a deep understanding about needs and shortcomings in the region. While seeing and feeling the strong need for funds, they looked out for unique expertise that could be monetised to rebuild the local economy. Their search came to an end, when receiving two bags of coffee as a gift of their efforts and realising the presence of a rich ,generations-long expertise in cultivating coffee in the area.

With Impact Berry, they wanted to plant the seed of thought to make an impact. Timo and Sonja came to understand that they wanted to create a company that deeply cares about how it works, whom it works with and about the people it interacts with along the value chain. 

In Hong Kong, they quickly learned that the needs of customers are changing drastically and that yet there was no coffee company to fill that niche. This is where Timo and Sonja saw Impact Berry’s place in the market.

How does Neat help Impact Berry succeed?

Timo and Sonja came across Neat when researching on how to properly set up our company in Hong Kong. Timo says, “Hong Kong is a city we always wanted to live in to experience the diversity in cultures, the speed of life, business and literally being located in the center of Asia.”They quickly learned that setting up an account is one of the biggest hurdles people face in Hong Kong and so did many of the people they knew back then.

For them, they wanted to avoid this hurdle becoming an administrative nightmare and potential blocker at the end of the day. Timo went on to say that, “We wanted to incorporate our company fast and do this in one go with opening an account. This was not easy in Hong Kong and clearly a pain that Neat solved for us!”








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