Pedro Pinto December 17, 2020 11:11 am

Customer story: Napoleon Wine Consulting

We have a new Neat customer story to share with you!

Napoleon Wine consulting, started by Felix Paul Jaquet, aims to provide assistance to wineries around the world entering the Chinese market. Felix decided to start this consultancy because he is positioned well to help his customers and to navigate a difficult market.

But why did Felix decide to set up in Hong Kong? Felix says “Hong Kong has a lot to offer for young entrepreneurs, the whole admin process is much more straightforward and it is easier to do business at an international level.” 

Since beginning his consultancy, he has helped many wineries enter the Chinese market. Felix had a problem though when he came to start his business. He couldn’t get access to financial services in Hong Kong. 

So do you know what he did? He came to Neat, Felix says “My customers are around the world and I need to be able to collect payments from them.” 

For Neat this was no problem, our bread and butter – we helped Felix set-up a Neat account really quickly. I know we always say we are quick but hear it from Felix – he tells us “In comparison to a bank, the whole process was easy and hassle free. I was able to set-up a Neat account in no time at all.”

Neat helps Napoleon Wine consulting receive payments from around the world and the use of a corporate card so that Felix is in control of his businesses expenses.

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