Neat Team September 10, 2021 6:05 am

Customer story: Oenotrus Limited

We have a new Neat customer story to share with you!

Oenotrus Limited is a wine retailer that caters specifically to the end consumer and collector in Hong Kong. In late 2013 the founder, Josh Hawes, moved to Hong Kong to take a position within an established wine importer. Three years later Josh decided to set up his own wine business, having seen that the private client business in the wine market was being conducted as something of an afterthought. Here was a chance to disrupt the market. 

He was able to get the business up and running. However, not long after Oenotrus Limited was set up they began to run into problems. 

Josh addressed the challenges of growing a business using a major bank in Hong Kong, “They were very unsupportive…including extra charges for online banking and transactions and stipulating minimum balances…Being a business account holder did not seem to entitle me to any degree of customer service or relationship management”. 

Ultimately, Josh was frustrated by the impersonal and impractical way traditional financial services treat their customers.Thankfully, Oenotrus Limited found Neat. 


How does Neat help Oenotrus Limited succeed? 

After a year of business, Oenotrus Limited connected with Neat. Josh found Neat when looking for a personal debt Mastercard. We were able to help him with the Neat Personal product and that initial interaction kickstarted a conversation around getting a more suitable business solution. 

Within no time it was clear that a Neat business account would be the ideal solution for Oenotrus Limited. Josh stated that, “From the get-go, the service was better than I had received from any bank… with a level of control and transparency that was just unheard of for a small business here.” 

Neat helped Oenotrus Limited grow naturally. Josh said, “As well as the ease and very low cost of making online transfers through Neat, which is how I pay my suppliers locally and overseas, it was the simplicity of linking our business Neat account with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe that really helped us scale up in the early stages”.  

Hong Kong is the most vibrant wine trading hub in the world and has a serious end-consumer market. Oenotrus Limited has access to this market and remains financially flexible because of their collaboration with Neat. Josh went on to say that, “the range of services and support that Neat has offered to our company over the last 3 years has given Oenotrus LTD the flexibility and adaptability to give us an edge over larger and older players.”

Overall, Oenotrus Limited is a great example of how a business with strong financial support and accessibility can disrupt a market and make a name for themselves. When we asked him what kind of advice he’d give to someone starting their business, Josh said, “fear regret more than failure, don’t be afraid to step on a few toes if the situation calls for it and always trust yourself!”


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