Pedro Pinto October 24, 2020 1:58 pm

Virtual Event Playback: Fireside Chat with Alan Scanlan on Exporting from Asia to Western Market

Is your business sourcing or exporting from China?

Watch a playback of our fireside chat with industry expert Alan Scanlan, to learn about navigating the industry, exporting from China and hear his take on how businesses can find opportunities under the current climate.

Access the video below:

Topics covered:

  • What companies don’t know about manufacturing in China
  • Risks associated with working with Chinese manufacturers, and how to minimise them
  • Why source from China to western markets out of Hong Kong
  • Tips on how exporters and re-exporters in Asia can market their services to western clients
  • Saving costs and managing time of shipping, logistics and warehousing
  • COVID-19: main changes we’ve seen in the industry, challenges & opportunities
  • COVID-19: Current status of manufacturing in China. Are things back to normal?
  • and more!

About Alan Scanlan:

Located in Hong Kong, Alan is a recognised expert and industry leader, with over 10 years of experience in helping US & European companies source from China.

Alan’s family business has been importing goods from the Far East since 1973. They are a market leader in the giftware, jewellery and homeware sectors. Alan has accumulated extensive experience. He has worked in the family business for more than 8 years. And he has a solid understanding of exporting, importing and in dealing with the Asian marketplace.‍

Alan set up Newlands Sourcing in 2017, a company in Hong Kong that helps its clients source goods out of China for the US & European markets. When it comes to manufacturing in China, many businesses are taking a gamble, because in reality, they “don’t know what they don’t know”. Certainly, this can be a very risky approach. Newlands Sourcing bridges the gap between Chinese manufacturers and Western buyers, to help clients minimise that risk.

Alan also works with his family through their Bailey & Brooke brand, where he runs the trade shows in Hong Kong & works with their suppliers in China. In addition, Alan also founded Earned Athletic Apparel in 2019, an up-and-coming brand providing quality functional fitness attire for athletes and coaches paving the way for CrossFit in Asia.

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