Neat Team March 4, 2021 11:45 am

February product roundup

Our product monthly blogs summarise the top features and product updates that we have released. For the month of February we were busy working on the application process, the Neat dashboard and making it easier to send Euros and US Dollars to any of our supported countries. 

Let’s start with the application process…

What is new with the sign up process?

At the end of the sign up form applicants will be able to choose which wallets they want to set up and have the option to create a Neat Visa card. This means when the application is approved, everything is ready to go!


Account setup during signup process

Now onto the Neat dashboard and what has been updated! 

Customers can add multiple bank accounts to a single payee now

Customers now have the ability to add multiple bank accounts to the same payee, making the management of payees easier and much more streamlined.


New feature: Transaction Currencies

Previously customers could only make a payment in Euros to Neat supported countries where the domestic currency was Euro and USD to the USA. Some businesses will need to use USD or EUR even though they are not based in the country of these currencies. 

So we have released a new feature which now lets customers make a payment in EUR and USD from their HKD and USD balances to all Neat supported countries listed here. For example you can now send USD to a supplier in Singapore. 


Staying within our Neat dashboard, we have added some additional features for our Neat Visa card…

Monthly 1% Cashback transactions details

We have made it even easier for customers to see how much cashback they are getting on each purchase. There are two elements to this: 

Customers will be able to see in their transaction history a Neat card monthly 1% cashback for the purchases made in that respective month for all their cards. 

In addition, when a business admin clicks on a specific cardholder, they will now be able to see a breakdown of cashback on each of the transactions made on that card.

Customers can now do more from the Neat dashboard to manage their cards

Customers now have the ability to do even more through the Neat dashboard to manage all their cards. They can now temporarily disable and enable their virtual cards and permanently cancel their cards. 


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