Pedro Pinto October 24, 2020 1:59 pm

Here’s how Neat works with your online store

Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur? Neat seamlessly connects to your payment gateway and helps you run your online store efficiently. Neat’s online process is not only suitable if you’re physically based in Hong Kong, but also if you are a location independent entrepreneur. In this article we will answer the most important question you may have about Neat, your online store and online payments.‍

How do I connect my payment gateway to Neat?

You can simply fill out your Neat payment instructions in the payment gateways’ payout details page. Every business customer gets its own payment instructions, in your company’s name.

Can I accept credit or debit card payments on Neat?

Neat is not a payment gateway, and you cannot accept card payments directly through Neat. However, you can connect payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe to your Neat account.

Why do I need Neat in addition to my Stripe or PayPal account?

While payment gateways help you collect card payments from your customers, you will usually still need a to collect payments or make payments to for example pay your suppliers or staff. In addition, Neat provides Visa cards which you may use for e.g. paying online subscriptions.

Do you also support other payment gateways?

As long as your payment gateway is able to send money to payment instructions in Hong Kong, it will be compatible with Neat. The only exception at this moment is Braintree which does not work with Neat.‍

Does Neat charge a fee to receive funds from payment gateways?

No, most large payment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe use local transfers to make payouts, which means Neat does not charge any fees to receive your funds. For more information about our pricing, check our pricing page.


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