Pedro Pinto October 24, 2020 1:59 pm

Here’s why you should incorporate your company in Hong Kong

Thinking of incorporating your company in Hong Kong?

Long recognised as the gateway to Asia, Hong Kong is an entrepreneur’s paradise. Taxes are low here, setting up a company is easy, and you don’t even have to be in the country.

Simply put, incorporation in Hong Kong is a smart move – here are 6 reasons why.

1). Easy & cheap

The process of setting up a company in Hong Kong is straightforward and can be done remotely in a few days. You can find the basic fees charged by the Hong Kong government here. There may be some additional fees if you are hiring an agency to help with, for instance, the paperwork or providing a (virtual) office address. However, compared to establishing a company in most other offshore jurisdictions the total costs are still low.

Unlike some other (offshore) jurisdictions, Hong Kong law allows foreigners and non-residents to be the sole shareholder and director of a company, so you do not have to partner with a local resident in order to establish your business.

In the past, the only reason you’d have to visit the city in person was to open a bank account. However, with Neat, you can open a Neat account remotely, which makes incorporation and setting up a Hong Kong company easier and cheaper than ever.

2). Tax System

One of the major reasons to set up a company in Hong Kong for non-residents is its favourable tax system. Profits tax is set at 8.25% for the first HK$2 million of assessable profits, and 16.5% for profits after that. Profits made outside of Hong Kong are not taxed, which can save you thousands of dollars a year (do note that you may still be required to pay taxes in your home country). Besides a general low tax rate, the Hong Kong tax authority also allows business owners to write off a wider variety of expenses compared to many other tax authorities. Please check with a certified accountant on what tax deductions your company can benefit from.


3). Global Business Center

Hong Kong consistently ranks as one of the most business friendly cities in the world. It has one of the freest economies. Hong Kong has a stable economy. If you’re running a high-tech startup, your intellectual property may be your most important asset and Hong Kong ranks one of the best in the region when it comes to protecting your IP rights. And while Hong Kong offers competitive tax rates, it is considered a reputable business center and incorporating a company in the city will normally not cause any issues with tax authorities in your home country or put you on a blacklist.


4). Up-and-coming startup ecosystem

The startup scene in Hong Kong has grown rapidly over the past few years and Hong Kong now has thousands of startups. Hong Kong is an entrepreneurial city. In the past traditional sectors, such as real estate or retail have dominated but interest in (tech) startups is growing. More businesses are looking to incorporate in Hong Kong. This is evidenced by the rapid growth in co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators. To get you started, you can find a list co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators here.


5). Location 

Easy access to many cities in Asia, as well as of course mainland China, make Hong Kong an attractive hub if you are doing business across Asia or globally. It’s ideal for an e-commerce businesses, as you can easily get your products shipped from China, and global shipping from Hong Kong to the rest of the world is relatively cheap. Fortunately, there are also plenty of service providers that can help you with your warehousing or dropshipping needs. In addition, you can find many potential employees who are trilingual (Cantonese, Mandarin, English), which can be of huge advantage. And don’t worry if you don’t speak the local language, getting around and surviving in Hong Kong with only English won’t be difficult.

6). Great place to live

Sometimes it may feel as if your startup consumes your entire life. Balance is key to having success in your startup as well as your personal life. Hong Kong offers many options to unwind. From hikes and remote beaches to world-class dining and vibrant nightlife: there’s something for everyone. There are few other cities in Asia that offer so much diversity in terms of activities within a convenient 30 minute public transport ride. What are you waiting for? 

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