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Last updated: November 2020
This bank code finder should be used for general use only, and in the case of any doubt, please double check with the payee/payer of the payment.


What's the difference between a bank code and a branch code?

The bank code identifies the bank itself, while a branch code identifies the specific branches under a bank. Hong Kong Bank Codes

For example, the bank code for HSBC is 004. However, HSBC has many branches throughout Hong Kong, and each of these branches have their own code as well. Its headquarters, at 1 Queen’s Road Central, has the branch code 718. Hong Kong Bank Codes

How do I find my bank code?

To find your bank code, you can bookmark this Hong Kong bank look up tool!

Your branch code, however, is typically the first three numbers of your account number.

Hong Kong bank accounts numbers are formatted as follows: 3-digit branch code, then a 6 to 9-digit account number. It should look like this: 123-456789-111.

In the above example, the branch code would be 123.

How do I format Hong Kong bank account numbers?

In Hong Kong, bank payments require a bank code, branch code & account number. However, confusingly, different banks use different formatting in their online banking systems.

If an online banking site specifically asks for a branch code, you can split up the branch code and account number; the branch code is the first 3 digits of your account number. In this case you do not have to repeat the branch code again in the account number.

If no branch code is asked for in the input field, simply input the branch code followed by the account number as one joint number.

Are clearing codes and bank codes the same?

Yes, clearing codes and bank codes are the same!

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