Pedro Pinto October 24, 2020 1:59 pm

How to start your eCommerce business in Hong Kong

Do you want to start your eCommerce business in Hong Kong? Here are 5 online tools your company can use to successfully bring your business to the financial hub of Asia.


Shopline is a DIY eCommerce platform for creating your online shop in Asia. Starting your business or expanding into Hong Kong can be tough, especially when you don’t speak the local language. Shopline empowers small businesses with its extensive package of tools to develop their business and succeed,  in the Asian eCommerce market.

With Shopline, you don’t have to be a web designer or a coding genius to be able to build your online store.  Shopline has a range of website designs. This means you no longer have to pay expensive designing fees to have a fully functioning and accessible online store. Shopline’s merchant dashboard allows you to control everything from products listings, to inventory management, to marketing promotions. The company has also integrated various payment and shipping options. These include domestic and foreign credit cards and cash-on-delivery so your customers will have a seamless purchase experience.


Recognized as #1 Commerce solution by Internet Retailer, Magento is an Adobe eCommerce platform that includes Magento Commerce, an eCommerce platform to build and customize your webpage, Order Management, a tool to enable order fulfillment systems to be cost-efficient, and Business Intelligence Pro, used to “harness the power of your Magento Commerce database along with your other systems to accelerate smart data-driven decisions”.

Magento Commerce offers a range of useful features for eCommerce SMEs looking to start up their company. You can easily create dynamic category pages and craft personalized shopping experiences for segments of customers.

Magento also uses its secure infrastructure of services such as AWS and Fastly to ensure that as your company grows, your eCommerce platform doesn’t fall behind. Developers can make great use of Magento’s thousands of 3rd party extensions and development tools. These extensions and tools can make your business versatile as it grows. This will ensure you can continue to adapt.


Anyone that has ever tried to sell something online knows the struggle that is deciding on the most appropriate shipping options for their company’s needs. Comparing hundreds of shipping options can be a mess, especially for fast growing businesses. Easyship, a global eCommerce shipping platform, offers a single solution for all your pick-up, packing, labelling, shipping, and tracking needs.

Easyship has integrated with more than 100 different shipping services such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS, allowing you to compare all the options based on location, weight, and dimension and facilitate a smooth shipping process.

There are also features on offer to sync all your eCommerce stores and orders with your shipping platform. All at the click of a button.

Lastly, Easyship also provides you with pre-filled customs documents available for all countries so that customs issues are a thing of the past. The tool fills in all the customs forms along with the packing label, custom invoices, and declarations.

Say goodbye to pen and paper and fulfil all your shipping needs online through Easyship!


Wave Commerce is a Hong Kong based eCommerce and digital marketing agency that helps emerging brands and SMEs build their online stores and drive growth through digital marketing and its customer loyalty solution.

For businesses who are looking for an experienced team to help them set up and launch their eCommerce business, Wave Commerce is a Shopify Partner with engineers who can help build beautiful storefront for your brand that is not only mobile-friendly, but also fully shareable on social media. Market localization such as language localization,  have made it easier than ever to fully optimize your online store to your brand and business needs. Custom integrations as well as custom storefront development through coding have also helped.

Running performance driven marketing campaigns to drive sales is vital. Wave Commerce understands that being able to run customer loyalty campaigns is an important feature for any brand that wants to build a lasting relationship with its customers. S Loyalty, Wave Commerce’s in-house built customer loyalty platform, offers a point-based loyalty program to provide customers with rewards. Brands can also run point campaigns, offer birthday bonuses, and targeted messages and notifications to build a more personalized shopping experience.


Neat helps you run your online store more efficiently. It is easier than ever to open a Neat account online. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of opening a corporate bank account. Neat also connects to your payment gateway so you can run your business seamlessly. Read more on how Neat works with your online store!

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