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With Neat Company Registration, it’s easy to set up your limited company. All it takes is a 15-minute online form and you’ll be ready to go in a matter of days.

With Neat Company Registration, it’s easy to set up your limited company. All it takes is a 15-minute online form and you’ll be ready to go in a matter of days.

The thrill of the first step

Fast online process

  • It takes just 15 minutes for you to fill in the Neat Company Registration form. We’ll then take care of the rest, giving you all the support you need!
  • There’s no need to go anywhere, the application is completely online
  • Within a week you will get a digital copy of all your company documents

Everything you need to get started – for USD 650

  • Digital copies of your official company documents, including your certificate of company registration, articles of association and share certificate
  • Registered address
  • Company secretary

Guaranteed Neat Account

  • You automatically receive a Neat Account – or we’ll refund your registration costs
  • Be up and running fast so that you’re ready to do business
  • Get access to our perk-packed Neat card

Our partner

Successful entrepreneurship is about having a support network – the cheerleaders, enablers and advocates who champion you at each stage. That’s what you get with the Neat Network – our community of partners and fellow entrepreneurs trying to make each step that little bit easier.



How long does it take to open a company in Hong Kong?

It takes around a week to register your company and open your Neat Account.

This includes the entire company registration process, as well as reviewing whether you’re eligible for a Neat Account.

What's included in the price?

Our package includes:

  • Filling out registration documents (NNC1 – IRB1)
  • Payment of government fees (Registration Fee: HKD 1,720, Business Registration Fee: HKD 250)
  • e-GreenBox*: We email you a digital copy of all your documents: certificate of incorporation, business registration, articles of association, share certificate
  • 1 year registered and correspondence address
  • 1 year company secretary
  • Initial consulting after company registration
  • 1 certified true copy of all your documents, kept at our partner office in case you need them
  • Creation of the Significant Controller Register (SCR)

* If you want a physical green box, we can do this for a small fee.

What's required to open a company in Hong Kong?

  • At least 1 shareholder
  • 1 director (this has to be a person, not a company or other type of legal entity)
  • 1 licensed company secretary (included in the Neat Registration package)
  • 1 registered address (included in the Neat Registration package)
  • Completed NNCI and IRB1 forms (included in the Neat Registration package)
  • Significant Controller Register (included in the Neat Registration package)
  • Certificate of Registration (HKD 1,720) and Business Registration (HKD 250) (included in the Neat Registration package)

What happens after registration? Can you help with accounting and compliance?

After registration, our accounting partner will contact you to go through your legal, accounting and record-keeping obligations under Hong Kong law. You don’t have to work with them – you can always choose another company secretary and accountant.

What are the ongoing costs of maintaining a Hong Kong company?

You need:

  • A licensed company secretary (e.g. for filing changes of directors or shareholders with the Companies Registry)
  • A registered address
  • A correspondence address for official letters
  • To file an annual return and pay the annual return fee (HKD 105)
  • To pay the annual business registration fee (HKD 250 per year)
  • To update your Significant
  • Controller Register (SCR)

You get one year of registered address and company secretarial services included in your Neat Registration package. At the end of the first year, you can continue working with our partner or choose your own.

You’re also required to do your accounting, audit your accounts and submit a tax return. Accounting and auditing costs vary based on your transaction volumes and specific needs.

Do I need to be a Hong Kong resident to open a Hong Kong company?

No, you don’t have to be a Hong Kong resident.

Does Neat hold a TCSP licence?

Yes, Neat holds a TCSP licence. We also partner with TCSP-licensed service providers to carry out the registration and provide corporate services.

As a Neat customer, you benefit from preferential rates, which is why you get a lower price than going directly to a corporate service firm.

What is the tax rate in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong uses a two-tier system. On the first HKD 2 million profit, you pay 8.25% tax. You have to pay 16.5% tax on any profit over HKD 2 million.

I have other questions

Check out our company registration blog post for more information. Contact us at  [email protected] if you have specific questions.

You can also schedule a meeting with an independent consultant (HKD 1,200 for 45 minutes) if you have more complex questions about topics like company structure and tax planning.

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