Pedro Pinto January 25, 2022 9:00 pm

January Product update

Our product update blogs summarise the top features that we have released over the month. For the month of January, apart from the Neat Visa USD physical card public launch, we continue to work towards bringing greater visibility on your card spending status. Payment wise, we’ve added email notifications function on rejected transactions, and introduced new additional security measures to your GBP and EUR wallets while making payments.

First, let’s take a look at some key updates for your Neat Visa card:

💳 USD Visa physical card public launch 

As you might have been aware, the Neat USD Visa physical card is officially available to all users starting January 2022. All existing Neat account users can now set up your USD physical card via your Neat dashboard in just a few clicks. Same as the virtual version, your physical card entitles you to

  • 1% cashback on all transactions
  • 100+ exclusive perks
  • 1.5% foreign merchant fee waived 
  • in-store spending in USD and ATM withdrawal and more

Set up yours now

👀 Enhanced visibility on Neat mobile dashboard 

We’ve also improved a few features on our Neat Visa card mobile dashboard to give you greater visibility on where you are at on your finances while you are on the go. Once you log in your Neat dashboard, you can see

  • An expenditure bar that helps you stay alert on your spend limit, the amount you have spent, and how much you have left to spend 

  • A new shortcut feature that allows you to view all transactions by cards, giving you better insights into your business spending 

Check it out in your dashboard now!

Now onto payments…

🧾 Email notification for rejected payment

From now on, you will receive an email notification if your payments get rejected and returned by the intermediary or beneficiary financial institution, offering greater transparency on your payment status.

📈 Extra layer to secure your GBP and EUR wallet

The security of your account is very important to us. To protect you from potential fraud and add an extra layer of security to your wallets, an additional authentication mechanism is now required to verify your identity when making payments from your GBP and EUR balances. 



We are working on a few exciting features for the upcoming months – expect product update on

  • The launch of unlimited company card set up
  • Card tagging feature, which allows users to better categorise your cards by labeling them in personalised tags
  • Payment tracking enhancement
  • Neat account to Neat account payment transfer

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