Nam Lai July 30, 2021 11:24 am

July product roundup

Our product roundup blogs summarise the top features that we have released. For the month of July, we released some exciting features such as updates to payments to China, payments to more countries and business dashboard permission access management!

We’re excited to bring you the good news, let’s get started with updates to making payments to China.

Payment to China in CNY from HKD and USD balance

As you may already have heard, we’ve recently launched USD payments into China. Now to make processes even easier, customers can now make CNY payments into China via the Neat dashboard!

You will be able to make a CNY payment into China from either your USD or HKD wallet.

Like USD payments into China, the amount you send will be the exact amount your payee receives.

Apart from the initial Neat fee charged during your payment creation, no additional fees will be deducted along the way!

Payment to China in USD from HKD balance

Previously, customers were only able to make USD payments to China from the USD wallet. With this new feature, customers can now have the flexibility to make USD payments from the HKD balance as well!



Now onto our next update…

Enhancing permission management on the dashboard

We heard you and we listened! One of our top feature requests is to be able to grant users view-only access on the business dashboard! Viewers will be able to view transaction data, payee details and download CSV/PDF from balance.

This is super exciting especially if you have external accountants/financial assistance that need access to your dashboard to help keep your business running.

NOK and DKK currency payments resumed

We’re happy to announce that payments in NOK to Norway and DKK to Denmark have now resumed. (You can also select the transaction currency to be either EUR or USD as well!)

We wanted to broaden accessibility, and make sure that everyone can benefit from this update, so we ensured that both company and individual accounts are supported.


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