CardUp is a no-code platform transforming the way you pay and get paid

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CardUp is a no-code platform transforming the way you pay and get paid

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CardUp lets you use your card to optimise on-hand working capital Fully utilise your credit card lines and free up cash – optimise your working capital by shifting payments onto your cards, while deferring the actual outflow of your cash until your card bill is due up to 2 months later…


CardUp helps you save time and money through digitisation and automation Cut down on thousands of dollars each month and have complete visibility of payables and receivables in one platform. Automate each step of your payment process, from capturing invoices, making payments to tracking and reconciliation.


CardUp makes your payments more rewarding Earn miles, points and cashback when you shift your payments onto your credit card using CardUp. This lets you get additional cost savings through these rewards, on payments you’ll be making anyway.

Our payment platform simplifies the lives of business owners, bringing both payments and collections into one easy-to-use digital platform. These no-code solutions improve cash flow management, unlock rewards on existing cards and save time through automation, all with no software implementation or setup time. At our core, we allow any big expense to be shifted onto a credit card, including rent, payroll, supplier invoices and more. In addition, we equip businesses with the tools needed to automate payment processing, helping them save time whilst staying in control of their finances.


New to CardUp: 0% fee on first payment of up to HK$100,000. Use promo code: NEATFREE

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