Nam Lai June 8, 2021 1:44 pm

May product roundup

Our monthly product blogs are a chance for us to share some of the top features that we have recently released. In May, we released some exciting features including payment tracking, a fix for our mobile app login and the ability to make payments to more places. We also announced a beta launch for our multiple virtual cards for a single cardholder service. 

We’re excited to bring you the good news. So, let’s start with payment tracking!

Payment tracking 

Tracking a payment should be as easy as tracking an Amazon package. To give customers greater visibility over where their payments are, we launched our own payment tracking! 

But what is payment tracking exactly?… Well, glad you asked. It does what it says on the tin! Once a payment has been processed by Neat, you will be able to track the status of that payment. This gives users a greater sense of security and accountability.

payment tracking

Image: Example of payment tracking details

What is even better is that you will also be able to share a tracking link with your payee, so that they can also track the payment and see when it is estimated to arrive. The estimated arrival date is a new feature of ours so the more data we collect, the more accurate the date will be! As the system grows so will your ability to reliably track your payments. 

For more details on our payment tracking feature, we have put together this FAQ.

Payment to more countries


We’re happy to announce that users can now make CAD, USD or EUR payments to Canada. We wanted to broaden accessibility, and make sure that everyone can benefit from this update, so we ensured that both company and individual accounts are supported.


We’re excited to be able to support transfers to Canada. In recent times we have noticed increased traction in the Canadian market. We recognised that in order to help existing users, and support new users, we needed to expand and enable payments to Canada in multiple currencies. Now we have an easy and convenient way for you to make CAD, USD or EUR payments to Canada. 

Make payments to Singapore-Citibank through dashboard

We are pleased to announce that users are now able to initiate payments to Singapore-Citibank accounts via the business dashboard. 

Many Chinese Suppliers, such as Alibaba, bank with Singapore-Citibank to collect USD. It was important for us to expand our services to improve the convenience for our users. We know many users need to pay their suppliers, and now you can make payments conveniently through your dashboard!

New limits

No one likes limits. We can’t remove them just yet, so we’ve decided to make them better. 

We’ve increased our limits so you can now receive more funds and make larger payments. Your monthly incoming limit is the amount you can collect each month across all your currency wallets, it resets every month.

To make it easier we also display the Remaining Incoming Limit on your account so you are in full control, as shown below. 

We have removed the limits for each wallet and replaced them with a Total Balance Limit. This is the maximum amount you can have across all your Neat currency wallets.

Company Registration

We want to make it easier than ever to start a new business in Hong Kong. That’s why we’re introducing a new company registration

The whole process takes just 15-minutes. At the end of it you’ll get digital copies of your official company documents, including your Certificate of Company Registration, Articles of Association and Share Certificate, Registered Address and Company Secretary in a matter of days.

There’s no need to go anywhere; the application is completely online and digital! 

We’re changing our pricing

Our pricing is changing and this will be reflected in our dashboard. We’ll no longer charge for local incoming payments via Hong Kong’s Faster Payment System (FPS) or Hong Kong’s CHATS system. We are also changing our pricing for outgoing payments which you’ll be able to see here

Okay, so onto Visa. What were we working on in May?

Biometric login without 2FA

Customer feedback is incredibly important to us. Recently we’d been getting a lot of feedback on our 2FA process, so we decided to change it. 

Now, you’ll only need able biometrics, i.e. Face ID or fingerprint login, to access the Neat mobile app. You won’t have any additional 2FA steps! 

If you have any feedback please let us know. We want to make sure we are providing the best customer experience we can and user feedback also helps us to improve.

Join our beta launch for multiple virtual cards for one cardholder

We know that some of our customers need more than one virtual card per cardholder. That’s why we’re opening up a beta launch to customers to better understand how you would like to use our virtual cards. If you are interested, please submit this form

The next feature is also for our Neat Visa card.

Showing Neat card details on the dashboard 

Our Neat Visa card product offering is evolving. And we’ve received feedback from customers that they wanted their card details on the dashboard. We have listened and built this functionality. 

Customers will now be able to see their card details in the Neat app and the dashboard. 


These new features and improvements are designed to make your Neat experience even better. Every month we’ll be bringing you news of the exciting updates we’re working on. 

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