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Pedro Pinto October 24, 2020 1:58 pm

New multi-currency wallet! Expand your business internationally with Neat on your side

You’ve been asking us for multi-currency wallets – we’ve heard you and it’s happening.

Since we’ve partnered with Railsbank, a UK-based open banking platform from the founder of Currencycloud, Neat customers now have the ability to open domestic GBP and EUR wallets, to easily receive money in those currencies.


Here’s what this means for entrepreneurs like you.

Eliminate the need to convert funds back and forth

If you do business in the UK or Europe (or do business in GBP or EUR) you no longer have to convert your funds to Hong Kong dollars. You can transact directly in the local currency.

Give your customers local payment instructions

Conduct your business with the currency your customers use. Your customers can now send you local payments from their bank account, instead of sending international transfers to your HKD balance. It makes for a smoother and cost-effective experience for both them and you.

No more waiting time

When accepting or making payments in GBP or EUR, you no longer have to deal with international transfer times.‍

Be the first to test the Neat multi-currency wallets

Our vision here at Neat is to continually remove frictions entrepreneurs face, whether that’s getting your business started or expanding around the world.

We’re looking for more beta-testers to try out our new multi-currency wallets, and give us feedback. Exclusively during the testing period, we’re waiving all fees for incoming and outgoing payments in GBP & EUR to the Neat wallet.

Sign-up today (it only takes 10 minutes!).


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