Neat Team October 24, 2020 1:58 pm is now!

As of today, we’ve said farewell to and have officially unveiled our new website domain:

We’re turning our eyes to the world stage, and preparing ourselves to welcome our increasingly international customer base with a web domain that resonates with people in the business of cross-border trade.

We’re excited to enter into a new chapter for our brand – let us tell you how we got here. 

Our mission has evolved, just as our customer base and product has

When we first started Neat Business over two years ago, our primary focus was to make business accounts accessible to startups and SMEs in Hong Kong – a banking landscape that largely ignores younger companies. 

That, we achieved. The Neat Business Account now powers the finances of thousands of ambitious companies. We have a strong brand in Hong Kong, and we’re proud to say that you’ll be hard-pressed to find an entrepreneur in Hong Kong who hasn’t heard of Neat. 

Over the past year, we’ve launched two new offices: one in Shenzhen, and most recently one in London. Along with this geographical expansion, we acquired four regulatory approvals: starting with 3 licences in Hong Kong and another in the U.K. We’re now a global company with offices around the world, team members and partners in multiple time zones, and most importantly, customers that come from around the world. 

Whilst our roots and headquarters remain in Hong Kong, we have become a global business, serving international customers and enabling them with the tools to expand their business across borders.

As our product and customer base evolved, so have our goals. Since the launch of our multi-currency accounts, the demand for Neat’s solution amongst international businesses has also been incredible – especially amongst B2B exporters that trade between Europe and Asia. 

We knew that Neat was prepared to grow at a global scale. 

Today, our mission is to enable the entrepreneur economy. This means supporting entrepreneurs who are building global companies by making their international expansion frictionless. 

Neat now lives at

Our first web domain,, no longer encompasses all that Neat offers – we need a website domain name that reflects our international presence. 

And that’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re now

Now that is no longer in use, what changes can you expect?

  • If you bookmarked any old links to, rest assured that they will still work, as we’ve set up redirects.
  • Our new FAQs page is (changed from
  • Our new customer support email is [email protected] (changed from [email protected] ) If you send an emails sent to our old email address, don’t worry as they will be forwarded ahead

Thank you for being a part of this journey, whether you’re one of our valued customers, partners, or community supporters. Big things are in the works; watch this space!

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