Neat Team October 24, 2020 1:58 pm

New! Simplify Your Accounting with Neat’s Xero Integration

How much easier would your life be if your accounting software could automatically reflect your business account statements?

Think of how much less work you’d have to do and how much less time you’d have to spend balancing your books. 

Xero, the online accounting software of choice for small businesses, launched their open banking API, and we announced that Neat was the first FinTech company in Hong Kong to use it. 

As of today, we’re happy to announce that this integration is live! 

Activity from your Neat account can now directly feed into Xero

When you activate the integration, Xero will receive hourly updates of your Neat Business transactions. 

What does this mean for you? 

Save time doing less manual work

You no longer have to manually download your account statements and reupload them into Xero. With this new integration, all the necessary numbers from your business account are sent automatically into  Xero hourly. 

Get an accurate overview of your current finances, at any time

The payments you receive, payments you send out, and purchases you make on any of your Neat Cards are all recorded in Xero within the hour. That means, on any given day, when you take a look through your books, you’ll always be looking at the most accurate and up-to-date overview of your finances, making it easier to forecast your cash flow. 

Reduce the risk for human error

Importing your account information into your accounting software by yourself means there’s a risk of human error: there’s a chance you could forget to import one month’s statement or upload the wrong one by mistake. 

With the Xero integration, you can count on technology to automatically import the right transactions into the right books.

When it comes to keeping track of your finances, let Neat and Xero do the heavy lifting

Get started with Xero and Neat today! 

Don’t have a Neat Business Account? Sign-up takes only 15 minutes

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