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Highlights from #NeatCommunity Meetup: Health and Wellness

We were thrilled to host our second #NeatCommunity event last week, this time spotlighting the Health and Wellness industry. A BIG thank you to everyone who came. For those weren’t able to join us this time, we hope to catch you at our next event!

What is the #NeatCommunity Meetup series?

For those of you unfamiliar with the #NeatCommunity Meetup series, it’s part of our efforts to provide useful resources for entrepreneurs. We also aim to build a supportive community for Hong Kong’s colourful startup ecosystem. At these events, we shine the spotlight on a specific industry. Therefore we feature amazing brands, both big and small, old and new, to learn more about their unique stories and experiences growing their business. Ultimately, it’s about building a community!

Some pre-event networking. Special thanks to The Hive Studios for sponsoring their beautiful Kennedy Town space for us to hold the event.

Here are some of the great businesses and entrepreneurs who helped us make this happen!

A big thank you to all of the wonderful marketplace exhibitors!

Mayse Artisan Bakery

A plant-based artisan sourdough bakery run by a father and daughter duo.  Following ancient Latvian recipes, they bake authentic sourdough rye bread. Mayse Bakery uses only high quality products and each bread is hand made. (They ferment their bread for around 35 – 40 hours!)


Silentmode is a Hong Kong-based, Health-Tech company. They’re on a mission to dramatically reduce stress around the globe by changing the perception of rest. The Silentmode power mask can train you to reduce your heart rate faster than any other method naturally available. It makes you more focused, energetic and productive.

Goji Studios

Goji Studios is a unique fitness studio and lifestyle space taking a holistic approach to health, fitness and wellness. They provide services and products across fitness training; nutrition, meal plans and catering; wellness therapy and vitamin supplements; and beauty and rehabilitation.


By creating a calorie controlled menu that not only offers salads but also some of Hong Kong’s local favourites foods, YOUNI strives to become a healthy gateway for the whole of Hong Kong. YOUNI’s goal is to be much more than just a food stop but also a place where we celebrate wellness, healthy lifestyle and most importantly human connections.

Rising Lotus

Rising Lotus aspires to create comfortable, functional, and stylish clothing for active woman from around the world. They believe that, in order to look good, you have to feel good! Being professionally designed in Hong Kong, crafted with superior fabrics and recycled materials sourced from Taiwan, Rising Lotus is the ideal brand for those who don’t sacrifice fashion for lifestyle.


LIFEAID Bev Co. creates clean and refreshing nutritional products for your life. It represents the alternative to high sugar, high caffeine, and artificially flavored mass-market drinks by creating healthy, great tasting drinks.


A special shoutout to our panel speakers:

Sonalie Figueiras – Founder, Green Queen

Founded by serial entrepreneur Sonalie Figueiras in 2011, Green Queen is an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change in Hong Kong. Sonalie helped moderate our panel, sparking interesting dialogue between Joel and Stephanie about running their businesses while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Stephanie Dickson – Co-Founder, Green Is The New Black

Green Is The New Black is a lifestyle media platform which has two goals. Firstly, helping individuals to live more consciously. Secondly, to connect them to responsible brands by amplifying their sustainability initiatives. Stephanie shared some interesting insights into the background work behind organizing Asia’s first Conscious Festivals in Singapore and Hong Kong, how it became such a success, and where they plan on taking it.

Joel Kam – Co-Founder, YOUNI

By creating a calorie controlled menu that not only offers salads but also some of Hong Kong’s local favourites foods, YOUNI strives to become a healthy gateway for the whole of Hong Kong. Joel shared a bit about the how and why to YOUNI’s creation. In addition, he discussed the importance of health and wellness in our busy lives, and how YOUNI caters to that.

And a huge thank you to our amazing event sponsors!

The Hive Studios

Our event was hosted at The Hive Studios. It’s a unique co-working space that offers a professional-sized fashion photography studio, along with a café area, dedicated desks, photographer booths, and private offices for the creative community. In addition, their mission is to build the creative community of freelancers, photographers, writers, bloggers, and startups through events such as Runway Asia.

Jax Coco

Special thanks to Jax Coco for sponsoring their signature Jax Coco Pure for the event.

Made with Pure, premium coconut water sourced from the volcanic regions of the Philippines, Jax Coco Pure coconut water tastes like toasted ripe coconut, roasted honey based notes with hints of caramel and earthy minerals.


Similarly, a big thank you to YOUNI for sponsoring their healthy cookies and cakes at the event!

If you’re interested in partnering or sponsoring our next community event, please email us at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

Our favourite moments from the Health and Wellness #NeatCommunity event

Without further ado, here are our top highlights of last week’s #NeatCommunity event:

The MCs Josh and Natalie posing with the lucky winner of HK$500 free Neat credits. Drop your business card in our raffle box at our next event for your chance to win an array of different prizes from us and our amazing event partners!

Our PR & Content Manager Elizabeth beaming with the proud winner of a free ticket to the Conscious Festival (originally HK$490) sponsored by our wonderful event partner Green Is The New Black, organiser of the Conscious Festival.

Elina, founder of Mayse Artisan Bakery proudly posing with the lucky winner of a full loaf of their signature Nordic Rye bread.

Panel talk with Stephanie Dickson (Founder of Green Is The New Black) and Joel Kam (Co-founder of Youni), moderated by the amazing Sonalie Figueiras (Founder of Green Queen).

Simon Lee, Head of Business Development at Goji Studios, shares about the importance of corporate wellness in the modern workplace.

Our developer Dominic and another relaxed event attendee enjoying a quick power nap with the Audiomask from Silentmode.  Silentmode’s booth was stationed next to the couches for obvious reasons!

Elina and her father, owners of Mayse Artisan Bakery, posing in front of their amazing selection of traditional Latvian and Northern European sourdough bread.

Vivien, Founder of Rising Lotus, introducing her beautiful line of yoga wear to some attendees. Their fashionable yet functional collection of yoga wear was a huge hit!

Igor (CTO) and Michael (Finance Director) taking a second out of their busy agendas (going around eating ALL the exhibition foods) to pose for the camera.

See you at our next #NeatCommunity Event!

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all those who came and made this event so successful, see you at the next #NeatCommunity meetup!

  • Learn and get inspired. Each time we will present a different theme where we invite industry experts and active players to share valuable insights.
  • Share on stage. Stage time for Neat users to share what they do.
  • Grow your network. Mingle with experts, founders, service providers and potential hires. Above all, be a part of a community that inspires and supports each other!
  • Meet the team. Come chat with the Neat team, ask us questions, talk to us about what it’s like to work here. After that, you’ll have a good idea of what makes Neat tick.
  • Socialize & chill out. We always have amazing food and drinks. Therefore it’s always a good time!

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Hope to see you at the next one!

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