Pedro Pinto October 24, 2020 1:58 pm

Inside Neat’s community meetup on sustainability and ecommerce

We were delighted to welcome our community again last week, at our latest #NeatCommunity meetup focusing on sustainability and ecommerce. We introduced our new brand, welcomed a group of inspirational entrepreneurs and munched on yummy vegan food and wine. Read on to find out what happened during our Sustainability and eCommerce meetup!

We kicked off the evening with a warm welcome by David Rosa, Neat’s Co-Founder and CEO, who proudly presented Neat’s new look.

We were joined by Frankie Ng, HK Lead for Shopify, the largest global eCommerce platform. He showed us a customer case study of how the German startup SIRPLUS is using Shopify to re-allocate food waste to feed the needy.

Frankie Ng, HK Lead for Shopify


We then had the privilege to host a panel of inspirational entrepreneurs who each founded eco-conscious companies.

From left to right: Lauren Berning, Moderator; Alexandra Foster, Founder of A.C.F. Clothing; Walden Lam, Co-Founder and Chief Hustler of Unspun; Tamsin Thornburrow, Founder of Live Zero; and Diane van Zwanenberg, Founder of Coconut Matter. 

Alexandra Foster, Founder of A.C.F. Clothing, talked about her vegan, sustainable and unisex clothing brand. She told us her story of coming to establish a community of partners and customers through her own version of omni-channel – multi-brand pop-ups.

Diane van Zwanenberg, Founder of Coconut Matter, shared about how she came to start shipping sustainability, and forgoing plastic in the packaging of her amazing, fragrant coconut oil products. In addition she’s also planning on launching a Kickstarter campaign to grow her brand even further.

Diane at her booth at the marketplace talking to event guests about her brand Coconut Matter, and showcasing her line of coconut oil products.


Tamsin Thornburrow, Founder of Live Zero, shared her journey of being a pioneer in Hong Kong, for leading a wasteless lifestyle and building a business on top of it. Her store is now the most well-known and recognised zero-waste store in Hong Kong. It sells a range of products like bulk foods, bulk beauty, and more.

Walden Lam, Co-Founder and Chief Hustler of Unspun, a startup reducing waste in fashion by offering custom-fit jeans produced using technology like a full-body scanner, talked to us about the concept of “green-washing”, and how Unspun envisions itself to reduce 1% carbon footprint.

We were also joined by Wendy Chan and Vincent Choi, Co-Founders of Packmojo. It’s a company making it easy for businesses to get affordable, high quality, custom packaging. Through their platform, users can design their packaging online in 3D, get real-time prices, order in low volume starting from just 30 boxes, and receive their orders in 2 weeks.

Wendy Chan and Vincent Choi, Co-Founders of Packmojo


We munched on vegan flats and yummy dips from Mana! Slow Fast Food, Hong Kong’s earth-friendly cafe chain for delicious plant-based food and a beautiful zen atmosphere.

A special thanks to MyiCellar for generously sponsoring their delicious wine! We served the wine in style – which means with no harm to our mother earth – with the help of Revolv, an elegant solution for re-usable cups and utensils, to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability.

From left to right: Hannah Chung, Hong Kong Lead for Revolv; Wendy Wu, Community Manager at Mana! Slow Fast Food; Vivian Kwok, Brand Ambassador at Mana! Slow Fast Food; and Tomy Wu, Founder of MyiCellar.

A Revolv cup. #reuseme #returnme

Finally, we’d like to give a special shout out to our venue partner The Hive, who provided us with such a beautiful space to make the event happen! And to Green Queen and Green is the New Black who supported the event.



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