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Webconf.asia - Charis Rooda.jpeg
webconf.asia logo.png

Charis is a freelance developer, the organiser and owner of Webconf.asia, and Neat's first business customer. Read on to hear how she launched Hong Kong's most popular website conference from scratch.

Charis Rooda

Organiser and Owner, Webconf.asia

Time Auction - Fion Leung.jpeg
time auction fion leung.png

Time Auction is a charity platform that allows people to trade volunteer hours for the chance to meet movers and shakers. They needed a better way to pay for expenses than using Fion's personal credit card – when they found Neat.

Fion Leung

Co-Founder, Time Auction

B-A-T-C-H - Kirill Runkov.jpeg

It turned out that Kirill’s greatest obstacle so far in building his business was opening a business bank account—especially as a foreigner in Hong Kong.

Kirill Runkov

Co-Founder, B-A-T-C-H

HumanProofDesigns.com - Dom Wells.jpeg
humanproofdesigns .png

When he came across Neat, it seemed like an excellent alternative to a bank. He liked its simplicity, and the fact that he could manage his finances entirely online—just like his business.

Dom Wells

Founder, HumanProofDesigns.com

Capital Match - Pawel Kuznicki.png
capital match logo.png

Aiming to make the financial world a better place, Polish entrepreneur Pawel Kuznicki founded Capital Match in 2014.

Pawel Kuznicki

CEO, Capital Match