Our Pricing

Simple Transparent Fair

We keep our pricing simple and straightforward. And we don’t surprise you with any hidden fees.

At Neat we want to help businesses succeed, no matter their size. That is why we ensure that the prices for all our services are fair and accessible.

Prices are in USD

Monthly subscription
No minimum balance , fall-below fees or hidden charges
Receive local payments
Applies to all local incoming payments
Send local payments
Non FPS payments are $8
International payments
Correspondent banks may apply additional fees for International payments processed over the SWIFT network
Card Transactions
When a transaction currency denomination is different than the Base Currency of your Neat Visa Card, the Visa exchange rate will apply.
Foreign Merchant Fee
No foreign merchant fee applies to transactions made in the same currency as your Neat Visa Card, irrespective of the country where the merchant is based
ATM Withdrawal
No minimum fees
When it comes to pricing we always ensure customer's get a fair deal. We'll never surprise you with hidden fees. Full fee schedule can be found here

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