Kyungseo Lee July 5, 2021 7:07 am

June product roundup

Our product monthly blogs summarise the top features that we have released. For the month of June, we released Visa perks into the app and dashboard and we will give you some updates on what is coming soon…

Let’s first have a look at Visa perks now available in the app and dashboard…

Visa perks in app and dashboard 

To make it easier for customers to see the exclusive discounts using our Neat Visa card, you can now see the Visa perks in your app and the dashboard. The perks have been categorised so you can easily see what is on offer. For the full list of exclusive discounts click here

Discover Perks in-app!


Let’s move onto a sneak peak of what we have coming soon…

Coming soon! 

CNY payments to China 

You will remember we recently launched USD payments into China, well now customers can make CNY payments into China via the Neat dashboard! You will be able to make a CNY payment into China from either your USD or HKD wallet. 

Like USD payments into China, the amount you send will be the exact amount your payee receives. There will be no additional fees, only the initial fee when you send the payment. 

Multiple virtual cards

We are currently still in the beta phase with multiple virtual cards and we are using this beta to better understand how our customers use virtual cards. You can still sign up using this form. But we plan on opening this up to everyone very soon so stay tuned. 

Monthly card limit update

Using your card will become much more streamlined – you won’t have to set funds aside to use .  We are removing the monthly spending limit and replacing it with a monthly card limit. It will no longer be called the monthly spending limit but your monthly card limit. 

What does this mean – you will still be able to set up a monthly card limit  for each card but instead of the funds being set aside from your wallet, card repayments will be settled automatically from the funds in your Neat wallet. 

Look out for an announcement coming very soon! We hope that this change will make it easier for you to stay in control of your spending and better manage your cash flow!

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