Neat Team May 5, 2021 11:01 pm

The Neat Visa HKD card

When looking for a new corporate card for your business, what do you tend to look for? If you pay monthly fees? What discounts and rewards you get with the card? Or if you can create multiple cards for your employees?

We created our Neat Visa card with all those questions in mind and are excited to announce that we now have both virtual and physical HKD cards available. 

The features of our new card are built for small businesses that are at any stage of their journey. Whether you need a virtual card for online marketing spend or a card that can be used through the Visa network anywhere globally – we have you covered! Let’s look at some of the top features a bit more closely. 



Set a monthly spending limit

When you set a monthly spending limit the funds for your card will be set aside from your HKD wallet. The limit can be changed at any time so if you need more funds on your card payments or purchases, simply increase the limit.

Perks of using the card

Get 1% cashback on all your purchases and access to exclusive discounts!

What about fees?

We won’t charge you any hidden or monthly fees. For all fees associated with using the card please click here. 

And… Integrations

All your completed transactions automatically sync with Xero – we want to make sure your books are up-to-date! 

You may also notice that your card details are now on the back of your card instead of on the front. #isntmycardneat

So those are some of the features that come with using the Neat Visa card but we have also made some adjustments to our dashboard. 

We know that if you are looking to get a Neat Visa card, you don’t want to go from the dashboard to the website to find out the features and highlights – so we have brought them to you! Neat customers will now be able to find out all about the card within the dashboard. 

Simply click on features which can be found under the cards navigation on the left hand side of the dashboard #thatsneat! 

We are constantly updating and adding more features for our Neat Visa cards so stay tuned! For more information take a look at the FAQ section of our website. We take you through:

  • How to activate your card
  • Where to find your card details
  • How you can enable and disable your card
  • How to change the name printed on your card and many more.

Alternatively, if you have any additional questions please reach out to [email protected]

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